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October 10, 2019

Having recently undergone six cycles of CoolSculpt® (an FDA-cleared fat freezing procedure) for the first time, I was on a mission to find out the best ways to speed-up recovery time.  The fat reduction procedure itself is non-invasive but there are no guarantees. Most patients see up to 20-25% of fat loss from the areas they treat. One of the biggest downfalls of the treatment is the recovery time and how long it actually takes to see changes. 

I did not realize that CoolSculpting® results actually take up to three months for any real progress to be noticeable and the fat loss keeps improving up to six months after the initial session.  

After treatment, my skin had an overall numbing sensation and was sensitive to the...

April 4, 2018



As a health and wellness advocate who is always talking about the benefits of infrared heat therapy, Kat was curious to learn more about the Keto diet. She was nearing a mile-stone birthday, with a trip to Las Vegas around the corner, and she wanted to look and feel her best. 


Keto – or the ketogenic diet – is a low carb, high fat meal plan that enables the body to produce ketones in the liver to be used as energy. The idea is that you can lose weight by replacing the body’s typical go-to energy source "carbs"  with fats. A long-term ketogenic diet can significantly reduce body weight and keep it off. Almost without exception, low-carb diets lead to more weight loss than the diets they are compared...

July 17, 2017

For many of those who are rehabilitating an injury, passive exercise isn’t a trend, rather a gentle way to promote healing and speed-up the recovery process. Passive exercise, also known as passive range of motion (ROM) exercises, refers to the range of motion and how far your joints and muscles can move in different directions with the help of either a person or machine.  

Everyone can benefit from passive exercises, especially those recovering from injury, the elderly, people with physical disabilities and even stroke survivors with partial paralyzation.  Passive exercise can help prevent muscle stiffness and treat spasticity.  

Passive Exercise with

Whole-Body Vibration

This machine is known by a few different names: Whole-...

June 9, 2017

Are you eating healthy and working out regularly, but still searching for ways to speed-up your metabolism? One of the best ways to enhance a healthy lifestyle and boost your metabolism is to incorporate whole body vibration and infrared heat body wraps into your weekly routine.

The process at iSWEAT LODGE in La Jolla was designed to increase metabolism to the point where you are burning hundreds of calories, all while relaxing and watching your favorite Netflix show.  

How does whole body vibration speed up metabolism?

Vibration training helps to develop leaner muscle tissue as it increases the metabolic rate.  It is a tool that enhances flexibility, range of motion, circulation and lymph drainage.  By activating blood circulation...

March 16, 2017

The lymphatic system is a network consisting of lymphatic vessels that are connected to lymph nodes with the primary function of transporting lymph, a colorless fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells throughout the body.

Everyone has over 500 lymph nodes in their body and they are the hub of our lymphatic system.  These lymph nodes are located at different points within our lymphatic vessels, with the majority resting on our neck, armpits, stomach area and groin.  Our lymphatic vessels are located just underneath the skin attached by small elastic fibers.

What are the effects of lymphatic drainage?  

Lymphatic drainage is a critical function of the body. It is a therapy that supports our overall health and welln...

January 17, 2017

Skin helps to rid our bodies from toxins and chemical build-up through sweating. One of the best ways to eliminate toxins from the body is through our skin.

January 14, 2017

 January 2017 Edition of Bird Rock Living 

January 4, 2017

Looking to do a detoxification and want to enhance the experience? Incorporating Infrared Heat Body Wraps will enhance and complement the detoxification process.

October 15, 2016

Which Vibration is better for you?

So as far as to which vibration is better for you, YOU need to determine what you want to focus on. If you have foot or leg problems, and need therapy, lineal vibration would be a good choice for you. However, if you have neck pain or are prone to headaches, then lineal vibration is NOT recommended for your use.  If you are looking for more of a whole body fitness and therapy in one session, then the oscillating movement would be the most beneficial. Since our dual motor vibration machines have both lineal and pivotal vibration, the motors can run simultaneously or separately to create the best session for your comfort level. 

Oscillating: Oscilla...

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