Athletes Find a New Way to Recover with Infrared Heat

iSWEAT LODGE in La Jolla offers a new approach to healing sore muscles, joint paint and relieving aches caused by strenuous exercise or sports-related injuries. By using radiant or infrared heat as a form of therapy, many athletes visit iSWEAT LODGE as part of their journey to a quicker recovery, or use it as an addition to self-care or preventative maintenance.

A session at iSWEAT LODGE consists of a two-part process with 10-minutes on a Whole Body Vibration machine, followed by 50-minutes in an infrared heat body wrap. The combination of both therapies optimizes the healing process. It produces better results by triggering lymphatic drainage and warming up muscles with a gentle vibration force before being exposed to the infrared heat.

What is infrared heat?

Infrared heart is different from conventional heat, because it does not “transfer” heat from a source, like a dry sauna. Rather, it distributes heat more evenly because it “radiates” the heat outward. In other words, infrared heat warms your body, muscles, joints and skin from the inside out. Since it’s not warming the air around you, infrared heat body wraps make sweating and the healing process more tolerable, which increases their therapeutic benefits.

How does an infrared heat body wrap improve the ability to recover?

Every athlete already knows that placing direct heat or cold can soothe the pain of injuries and helps to alleviate muscle soreness after a hard work-out. The fundamental idea of infrared heat therapy is not much different from a heat pack. Athletes use heat as a source to recover because it helps to stimulate blood flow to the affected areas that are causing pain. Not only do wounds heal faster with better circulation, but so do sore muscles and tissue trauma.

The benefit of infrared heat therapy from iSWEAT LODGE is that athletes receive more efficient and increased circulation, all while laying down and relaxing in a wrap. While the heat from a pack dissipates fairly quickly inside the body, infrared heat penetrates deeper into the body. This stimulates more red blood cells to further enhance recovery and assist with muscle repair.

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Many athletes get a session after a hard workout or run, because whole body vibration and infrared heat therapy provide immediate pain relief with no adverse side effects. It stimulates the circulatory system with little effort, helping the body to relax and reduce tension.

In addition to helping sore, damaged or tired muscles, infrared heat therapy can reduce lactic acids and eliminate performance inhibiting toxic burdens.

Benefits of Infrared Heat Body Wrap for Athletes Post & Pre-Workout:

  • Increase flexibility by loosening muscles and joints

  • Reduce lactic acid buildup

  • Boost blood circulation to promote muscle repair

  • Eliminate toxins

  • Ease muscle and joint pain from overuse or injury

  • Feel reinvigorated and refreshed post-race

  • Retain cardiovascular fitness while recovering from injuries that inhibit full workouts

Looking for the next breakthrough in athlete recovery?

iSWEAT LODGE is offering buy 1 – get 1 free sessions for first time clients.