Kat’s Crusade against Breast Cancer

iSWEAT LODGE is offering a complimentary session for those participating in the Susan G Komen 3-Day (from any city). Call or email to set up your free appointment and just show your participation badge.

For over a decade, Kat, owner of iSWEAT LODGE, has been deeply involved with the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walks. She has raised thousands of dollars, walked hundreds of miles, and crewed countless hours. To date, Kat has walked in ten events in four different cities, crewed in three and volunteered in three. She even got her parents involved, who have crewed in three walks with her.

This year, Kat started working for a Komen affliate and has attended walks in Philadelphia, Minneapolis, and Seattle. You’ll also find her at the San Diego 3-Day Walk November 17-19th.

To say that she has a passion for raising awareness and supporting the eradication of breast cancer is an understatement! After experiencing her own scare with breast cancer (doctor’s discovered a lump in her breast tissue), Kat has sincere empathy for those fighting cancer and cancer survivors. She makes it her mission to research ways that infrared heat therapy and whole-body vibration can help eliminate pain, detox the body and create overall wellness for those suffering with breast cancer.

How Does Infrared Heat Therapy Help?

· Helps promote an increased amount of negative ions, which raises alkalinity levels in the bloodstream – Balancing Act: Why pH is crucial to Health

· Provides additional support to the body’s clearing system of waste

· Increases blood flow and circulation

· Raises core body temperature, which speeds up immunity to help reduce viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites

· General pain relief

· Detoxifies and helps to stimulate sweating to excrete heavy metals and toxins through sweat glands

· Rejuvenates the cellular system

· Increases energy levels

Important to note: Infrared therapy is not recognized as a cancer treatment.

The addition of any treatment should be first cleared with your physician who is managing your patient care.