San Diego Emerging Women Owned Business Award

Congratulations to Kat Pytka, owner of iSWEAT LODGE, for being named a Final Nominee for the San Diego Emerging Woman Owned Business Award by Connected Women of Influence.

This award recognizes a woman founder with less than five years in business who shows growth, success and achievement in their field.

The San Diego Connected Women of Influence is a top association for women business owners, executives and professionals to network, collaborate and cultivate resources and relationships.

The award luncheon takes place on:

  • Wednesday, March 21, 2018

  • 11:00 – 2:00PM

  • Hilton Mission Valley: 901 Camino del Rio S

  • Register here

Kat Pytka founded iSWEAT LODGE in October 2016 in the neighborhood of Bird Rock, La Jolla and recently opened a second location in downtown San Diego. As a new business owner, Kat has been charging on full-speed to promote iSWEAT LODGE and sharing her passion for infrared heat therapy with whole-body vibration.

iSWEAT LODGE was an idea long before it became a reality. While living in Los Angeles, Kat became unhappy with her work/life balance. She spent too much time stuck in traffic jams and not enough time taking care of her health and wellness. After many failed attempts of creating less stress in her life and just being healthy, she decided to make some changes to help herself and others.

Living in San Diego, Kat was determined to start a business that incorporated ways to detox the body, boost immunity, speed up metabolism and help alleviate stress. She tried both infrared heat wraps and whole-body vibration on occasion, but at separate locations. She found no other wellness facilities that offered these as a combined service and when she found similar services they were very costly. It was evident these "healthy" alternative options were only being offered at a "luxury level", that most cannot afford and knew this needed to change. As she researched the benefits of lymphatic drainage from whole-body vibration and detoxification from infrared heat body wraps, she knew that both services would complement each other.

iSWEAT LODGE is a wellness facility that offers a combined service of whole-body vibration machine and infrared heat body wrap. The wraps are set up so you can be in your own space, closed off by curtains or open to share the experience with someone while you sweat for up to 60-minutes watching Netflix. There are many reasons why people come to sweat at iSWEAT LODGE. Some are seeking relief from muscle soreness, looking for a way to kick start weight loss, or improve skin conditions like scaring, wrinkles or cellulite. Others want to sweat for detoxification purposes and the elimination of toxins. There are people who sweat who suffer from diabetes and need help with increased circulation, some are cancer survivors and want to keep up their immune system and optimize their lymphatic drainage. While others just sweat as a way to relax and de-stress for an-hour. The health benefits are so diverse and can help many people. The challenge for most is finding these services and affordability. This is where iSWEAT LODGE is trying to help! Kat's goal is to open locations nation-wide one day and keep pricing low and affordable. She understands that she might be causing some enemies along the way, since other facilities charge two to three times more for similar services but she is willing to take that risk if she is able to help people in the process!

Whatever the reason, iSWEAT LODGE always encourages you to try it at least twice to experience the full effects. There are pricing packages, monthly options and promotional specials.

Call 877-70-SWEAT or email to book your session


La Jolla Lodge: 5709 La Jolla Bvld, La Jolla, CA 92037 Downtown SD Lodge: 560 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101