Top Tips to Speedup Recovery Time from CoolSculpting®

Having recently undergone six cycles of CoolSculpt® (an FDA-cleared fat freezing procedure) for the first time, I was on a mission to find out the best ways to speed-up recovery time. The fat reduction procedure itself is non-invasive but there are no guarantees. Most patients see up to 20-25% of fat loss from the areas they treat. One of the biggest downfalls of the treatment is the recovery time and how long it actually takes to see changes.

I did not realize that CoolSculpting® results actually take up to three months for any real progress to be noticeable and the fat loss keeps improving up to six months after the initial session.

After treatment, my skin had an overall numbing sensation and was sensitive to the touch. The areas I treated were sore and very swollen. The swelling may be the worst part, because it makes the areas you treated seem way bigger than before you started. This is where patience comes in for the healing time, but I wanted to find solutions to relieve the swelling and soreness as soon as possible.

CoolSculpting® uses a technology called cryolipolysis, which literally freezes fat cells. When fat cells are frozen they die and are eliminated through the body’s natural process. In my post-treatment recovery, I was told that the swelling and soreness would last at least two weeks. Thankfully, I’m pretty tolerant to pain, so I was able to continue my work-out routine just a couple of days after treatment. I wanted to alleviate the soreness and swelling as soon as possible, and took a proactive approach.

Here’s what helped me speed up the time to recover from my CoolSculpting® treatment. In just ten days, my soreness and numbness were dramatically reduced. The swelling went down and I felt comfortable to work out every day.

1. Take Arnica – homeopathic gel and tablet.

Arnica is a natural herb that is used for treating bruises, aches and pains. With the recommendation of my CoolSculpting® technician, I took arnica oral tablets a few days before my session. This was to help prevent bruising, since I am susceptible to getting black and blue skin. I also purchased arnica gel, which was fast-absorbing and I rubbed that into my treated areas a few times a day for immediate pain relief.

2. Buy Compression Tights.

My CoolSculpt® provider told me to purchase compression tights and to wear at least 8 hours per day for a couple of weeks after my treatment. I decided to wear these at night while sleeping and it did seem to alleviate some pain and swelling. If you are self-conscious from the swelling, you can definitely wear the compression tights throughout the day for better shape.

3. Stay hydrated – drink plenty of water.

The goal is to eliminate those dead and frozen fat cells out of your body as fast as possible. Although it is a natural process, you don’t want to go binge drinking and eating a heavy caloric diet. Water helps flush out toxins and waste. The more water you drink, the faster you eliminate this waste.

4. Turn up your Lymphatic Drainage with Whole Body Vibration.

Another way to help remove waste and toxins from bodily tissues is through lymphatic drainage. Since the fat cells are transported by the lymphatic system to be eliminated, it would be logical that an improved lymphatic function could accelerate the process.

You can speed up the lymph fluids around your body by experiencing the Whole Body Vibration machine at iSWEAT Lodge in La Jolla. In as little as 10 minutes on this vibration plate, your body will receive numerous benefits, including high-speed lymphatic drainage that you can’t receive from a massage or natural movements.

In the two weeks after my CoolSculpt®, I went to iSWEAT Lodge a few times a week to use the Whole Body Vibration machine. It truly helped with the pain management as well. With the increased blood flow, it helped with tissue recovery and enhanced the detox process.

Benefits of Whole Body Vibration Include:

  • Increases the production of regenerative and repair hormones

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Increases the basal metabolic rate

  • Strengthens bone tissue

  • Improves lymph drainage

  • Burns calories

  • Increased strength, stamina and speed

  • Improved flexibility, mobility and coordination

  • Rapid muscle and tissue recovery

  • Improved collagen production

  • Fat reduction

  • Increased metabolism

  • Enhances the detoxification process

iSWEAT Lodge is offering a special on their Whole Body Vibration. If you’ve just received CoolSculpting® in San Diego, get a 10-minute therapeutic vibration experience for only $15 per session.

If you love the treatment and want to continue your progress with eliminating those dead fat cells quickly, you can get a monthly unlimited membership to iSWEAT Lodge Whole Body Vibration machine for only $99 a month (regularly $149). Mention this special!

6.Sweat it out with Infrared Heat.

Lastly, the best thing I did for my post-treatment of CoolSculpting® was getting into an infrared heat body wrap at iSWEAT Lodge. After I was on the Whole Body Vibration machine, my blood circulation and lymphatic drainage were at a heightened level. The best way to eliminate those toxins was to heat up my body from the inside out with infrared heat and sweat it out!

The infrared wraps are like a cozy sleeping bag, with your head exposed, so you can relax and watch your favorite Netflix show for 50-minutes while your body heats up. The wraps are gradually heated to 140-degrees Fahrenheit. Since fat cells become water soluble at 111-degrees Fahrenheit, the infrared wraps help to produce sweat that releases subcutaneous fat (along with normal sweat and toxins) through your skin. Although there is no scientific proof that infrared heat can help speed up the process of eliminating dead/frozen fat cells after CoolSculpt®, I saw a difference in the size of swelling after just a few sessions.

If nothing else, it helped relax the pain and numbness I was feeling. Plus, for the first few days that I didn’t want to exert myself with exercise, the wraps helped me burn up to 1,200 calories by just lying down and sweating.

Here are a few ways that infrared heat therapy can help enhance your health:

  • Detoxing levels of pollution found in the body and skin

  • Fat loss

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Boosting your immune system

  • Reducing cellulite

  • Aids in full body and muscle relaxation

  • Pain relief from arthritis, inflammation and muscle fatigue

  • Reducing water retention

  • Skin disorders

  • Improving the digestive system

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